Fotografia is the italian word for Photography. It’s been a tough couple of years, between the long lockdown due to COVID and various personal issues, I haven’t focused on photography almost at all.

Fewer occasions to travel and shoot, surely, but a severe lack of inspiration, more than anything else, really affected the joy and pleasure of making new images. I still managed to create a couple of images I’m proud of and developed a novel technique, the Impressions series, that I’m going to explore and develop further.

Things are going to change though.

This is not a New Year resolution. Who ever sticks to that? :) More photography is in my near and distant future. More trips. More cold sunsets and sunrises. More images. I will find inspiration when it’s lacking. And motivation when it’s dwindling. Because, at the end of the day, I’m motivated by the simple joy of making something beautiful.

And sharing it.

This video is my pledge to make it happen. I share it to keep me honest.

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