"I love water.

I was born by the sea and have very fond memories of me being little joining my grandfather on his ship when he was working out at sea in the south of Italy. I'm very much drawn to water whenever I want to take images I feel connected to, when I’m chasing the light, looking for Beauty and Grace.

Most of the images I'm inspired to create have water either in the the shape of the huge Ocean, or as thin as mist hovering around a bridge. Landscape is what I do, because a stretch of land and water in front of me never lies, doesn’t run away, it doesn’t hurt. It's there for me to understand, talk to in the unique language of light, with no misunderstanding or social rules imposed by peers.

When I create an image I take my time to attune with the place, often simply sitting around without my camera and observing the surrounding, understand what I feel in that particular moment in time and how to translate it in forms and colors, how to communicate it to the viewer, how to talk about it with Beauty and Grace. It could be amazement in front of a spectacular sunset, excitement after a beautiful day or sadness and melancholy: the ultimate goal is to express it in a way that can not be misunderstood.

My ultimate goal is to get closer to Beauty and Grace."