Masters of Photography

When I chose to embark in the Photography’s journey, I was looking for beacons of light to give me directions traversing the unknown ocean of artistic expression.
These beacons are the Masters of Photography I encountered in my steps and took plenty of inspiration from to form the personal artistic vision that I express in my images.

Alain Briot

Alain was my first source of inspiration: I avidly read his work about mastering landscape photography and, more importantly, about how to create my own personal style that is recognizable in my images.
Alain’s work is, of course, masterful, but, more interestingly for me, lays down the framework for turning what is purely editorial photography, the mere observation and description of a location, into fine art, where the personal style of the artist is infused in the image and the image itself is molded and shaped to represent it, moving away from the original simple description of the place.

You can see, for example, a little bit of Alain into Lanai Symphony.

Lanai Symphony, Maui

Colby Brown

Following Colby’s work and his love for nature shaped how I approach working on location: I know slow my process down almost to a halt to enjoy the moment, attune with the place in front of me and surface the feelings that I poor into the image I’m creating. Colby’s bright and vivid style, the exception attention to details, sets a benchmark of perfection that I strive to inch closer and closer.

Colby’s inspiration can be spotted, for example, in Akaka Falls.

Akaka Falls, Big Island, Hawai'i

Henkgi Koentjoro

Henkgi’s photographic style is laser focused, his vision is minimalist in nature and exceptional in execution. Some of Henkgi’s images evoked in me the brief moment of joy through a simple computer screen, a testament to his exceptional skills and dedication. Hengki’s work singlehandedly inspired me to pack for Maui to produce the Endless Falls series, that I previewed and designed before I even set foot on the plane.

You can definitely spot Hengki’s powerful inspiration in Endless Falls #1.

Endless Falls, Maui

Sangeeta Dey

Sangeeta taught me the important of light in the language of photography: her pursue of dramatic light is relentless. How Sangeeta applies her understanding of neuropsychology to her work with the goal of evoking emotions inspired me to research in depth how compositional choices in photography affect the emotional response of the viewer. Sangeeta’s work portraits the artist’s vision and, as such, solidified my belief that a Fine Art image must not simply describe a place, but must describe my feelings in that place.

Sangeeta heavily influenced the creation of Black Sand.

Black Sand, Big Island, Hawai'i


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