Sony a7r Mark IV Unboxing and First Impressions

The a7R Mark IV is the latest mirrorless flagship from Sony. Sporting a big 61MP Exmor R Full Frame Sensor, the a7R Mark IV is capable of 15 stops of dynamic range in a small package. Sony started shipping the a7R Mark IV on the 12th of September and I just received mine.

I’m unboxing it with you.


I like big cameras with many buttons. The a7R Mark IV is a small and light camera by my standards and the ergonomics is not as good as my old Sony A99 and Sony A99II. It’s also missing a fully tilt-able screen, which is something I will surely miss at some point.

Everything else is amazing.

Starting with 50% higher resolution, better dynamic range, more modern electronics, touch screen, better autofocus and lower noise. I left autofocus and noise last, because they are not as important for my kind of landscape photography. I mostly shoot on a tripod.  

This camera is a landscape photographer dream.

It’s also a completely silent camera, since there is no mirror slap. Generally speaking though, the noise that my cameras make when I shoot is not much of a disturbance when I’m in the middle of a desert, if not for the occasional bird that looks at me amused. 

The EVF has also been improved, but I couldn’t really tested because I don’t have any lenses yet. I ordered a Sony 70-200GM FE and an alpha mount adapter that are scheduled to be in my hands tomorrow.

The menu system is exactly the same good old Sony menu system: if you hate it, you will still hate it, if you are used to it, you will find yourself at home.

I will give the a7R Mark IV a run next week in the North California mountains shooting waterfalls.

You will be there with me.

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