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Photography is a form of communication, a language with its grammar and uses. I talk more in depth about some of the technical details of Composition in this article on Visual Wilderness (How to Compose Photos to Tell Your Story).

Photography is about telling a story, whatever this story might be. Concrete, abstract, descriptive or imaginative.

Every photographer has her story. Every story is different.

To tell a story properly, flawless technique and deep knowledge of the tools of communication are the key to carry the message across to the the audience. Along with having a message in the first place.

Both are equally important.

Seguret, Italy. Fine Art Photography.

If I want to tell a story in Mandarin, for example, I first need to learn the language. Above all, the deeper the story I want to tell in Mandarin, the better I need to know the language, its intricacies and details. or I will not be understood.

I can't tell a story in Mandarin if I don't speak Mandarin.

Having the most beautiful story to tell will not help my mandarin audience understand it if I don't know how to speak Mandarin.

Proper photographic technique, like learning another language, takes years to master.

I strongly believe I can not tell my story with my images today, if I hadn't spent countless hours studying the technology behind photography, practicing it and implementing it.

Strong images are the synthesis of strong technique and strong message. Therefore, the perfect mix of the two is a skill that only few in history have been able to master. It's the ultimate goal of my photographic effort.


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