Hana Bay

Hahnemühle Baryta Gloss Fine Art Paper

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30 Limited Edition

Maui, Hawai'i, USA.

It takes few hours driving along the Road to Hana sprinkled with waterfalls to reach Hana and it's beautifully remote bay in the middle of the rain forest. This scene presented itself at sunset from the window: I only had to quickly grab camera and tripod and rush to the beach at the back of the hotel to capture it. The color of the ocean water right under the thick stormy clouds was captivating, strong winds blowing and the sun setting on the left. The drama of the storm, the beauty of the scene and the black lava that once flew into the ocean were closely intertwined for an image I still strongly remember.

This image is constructed to convey a dramatic effect to the viewer. I stitched two horizontal frames to capture both the beach on the left where the sun is setting and the lava on the right where the waves are breaking; I composed the image to give roughly equal size on the frame to the two semi circles: one smaller in front the camera that provides a leading line to a slightly larger one encompassing the Bay. The two horizontal halves of the sky have complementary dominant colors to, again, increase drama. As often, a shutter speed around 1s beautifully renders smooth waves to convey a sense of chaotic motion without being overbearing. Finally I set the aperture at f/11 to capture enough sharpness across the image, without hitting too much diffraction.

"All my images are created by me: Fine Art prints represent the goal of my art and craft. Each print is a labor of love and a work of art that will beautify and energize virtually any space in your home. I take extreme pride in preparing each print personally.

There is a huge difference in viewing photographs on a computer display versus seeing fine art prints in person; only the prints show the light, depth, texture, and delicate nuances of my images and the materials on which they are printed."
Your Limited Edition print is signed and numbered. Cotton gloves will be included to handle your print, along with the Certificate of Authenticity with serialized number hologram.

When properly handled, your print is guaranteed to last a lifetime and more.
The print is delivered matted and ready to frame or already framed with a beautiful Museum Quality custom frame assembled by Francesco.
The Limited Edition is designed to complete your walls: imagine a beautifully hand framed piece, with its time-less look, hanging on one of your best walls.
Imagine the pride it will bring to you when you are showing your home to your guests.