Making of Seguret

Last summer I was visiting my friend Marco in Oulx, a beautiful village on the Italian alps, surrounded by stunning mountains: an inspiration for photography off the beaten paths. 

Mount Seguret is the only example of dolomitic rocks in the entire valley, it thus offers a lot of interests for geologists and mountaineers alike.

Taking advantage of the changing weather, typical of the summer on the Italian alps, I set up my camera from down the valley and waited for just the right lighting conditions.

Mount Seguret is the star and main character of this image: to properly convey its majesty and beauty, I framed it very tight using a 300mm lens.

The choice of Black and White followed very easily with the goal of enhancing the beautiful textures of the rocks and the unique cloud that was formed on top of the mount by the warm summer winds hitting the cold rocks.

In post, back at home, I added a touch of Orton effect to the clouds to bring the glossy and dreamy look out of the image, without affecting the beautiful details in the rocks.


Printing Seguret was a joy. I tested two papers, both from Hahnemühle: Photo Rag Metallic and Baryta Gloss. 


Both papers give me the glossy look and dynamic range I'm after and render the rich tonal details beautifully, while preserving the longevity typical of museum quality papers.


In these closeups, you can appreciate the subtle beautiful sheen of Rag Metallic, compared to the wonderful details of the rocks rendered by Baryta Gloss.

I eventually chose the glossy rendition of Hahnemühle Baryta Gloss, that more closely matches the look of gelatin silver prints, for that ageless black&white feel, with a subtle warm tone to complete the print. 

Check Seguret out: it's printed in a Limited Edition of only 30 copies created and signed by me. 

Let me know in the comments what you think and which paper you like the most.

Seguret, Fine Art Photography Prints


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